Chaos Incarnate

Part 3: Hell for bad d6

Our party find themselves adrift without direction on a steel cube floating in the void of Acheron. Thinking that they need to do some searching, the Knight of the Old Grove suggest that they walk the cube upon which they stand. Just as they are discussing this new plan, the ground shakes and a loud crash reverberates in the distance. One of the other cubes has just crashed into the cube upon which they stand! They watch in awe as this cube bounces off and floats slowly in the opposite direction. They uneasy feeling that most of the party is feeling is now felt by all.
Thinking that maybe they can figure out a bit more of the puzzling situation if they understand this realm, the party marches across the face of this cube, finding only a large gash in the ground. They climb into the rift looking for clues to help them understand this strange world only to find that it is nothing more than a steel cavern… They are starting to loose their drive as no new clues are surfacing and they don’t know what to do with the information they have received thus far. After traversing approximately 20 lonely miles, the party set up a campsite to sleep on their issues. Thinking of safety, Sol’myr surrounds their site with a scry sheild spell.
Sleep comes to all, but this sleep isn’t a comforting one. Especially for Sunarista. The beautiful nymph finds her dreams are riddled with strife. A long iron hallway stretches before her sleeping form. The ground and even the air around her seems to shake with the distant hammering of steel. She wipes the sweat from her brow and walks down this hallway toward the sound. The hammering grows as she walks, as does her uneasy feeling. She reaches what appears to be a large steel door, behind which is the source of her strife. Pushing the door open, she is blinded by a sudden light as the heat pours from this room and she is engulfed in flames… She awakens in a cold sweat. The dream is over, but her head is now pounding with the sound of hammering. She must tell her companions.
After a mediocre breakfast, the friends are all caught up on the details of their healer’s nightmare. Sol’myr is startled by the sudden voice of the Archmage of Waterdeep over his left shoulder. Jerron has sent him a worried message. He says he was unable to find the group in his scrying crystal that previous eve and dreaded the worst. At the mention of divination, Sol’myr has a sudden epiphany. Perhaps, given this new pressing dream, he can ask for some assistance of a powerful extra-planar entity. The Cleric also decides to commune with her god, Bes. The two find that they are looking for a “Lost Cube,” a mysterious Queen (who was mentioned as a potential ally), and a terrible evil who is looking to create some terrible weapon. Knowing nothing of this missing cube, they decide to ask the only person they can think to ask, the Archmage.
Teleporting themselves back to the wizard’s front steps, they find themselves face to face with the answers they have long sought. Jerron is overjoyed to see the party alive and is more than willing to help them research this missing cube. He summons a library of books on some hidden plane and, pulling an ancient tome from among them, finds the mentioning of a small cube named Kolyoral who has long been lost. With new found direction, the party teleports back to their campsite and, using a new spell scroll bought from the Djinn merchant in Rigus, cubehop from Avalas to Kolyoral and into the face of danger.
After a grueling battle with two colossal birds, the party now find themselves on a new cube but not a new scene. Thinking that perhaps some shiny trinkets, maybe even an egg, lie in the nest of the rocs, they set off to investigate. Upon arrival, however, they find no treasure, but do find among the bone strew nest the corpses of a few formian.
The party marches forward to cover the most ground by reaching the corners and viewing two sides at a time, hoping to see some new destination. They encounter, as they walk, a group three of humans in combat with three ant creatures. Thinking the humans in trouble, the Knight charges to their rescue, at the behest of his friend’s pleas. Not working together, the party find that sometimes their actions can have devastating consequences. Hiding himself from all with an invisiblility spell, Anvil rushes to the rear of the human fighters. Sensing that there is more to this than meets the eye, Sol’myr reaches out psychically and finds that the humans wish to harm the group and “wear their flesh.” He alerts the party. Sunarista responds by creating a wall of wind between the warring members. She unfortunately doesn’t know where the assassin is and instead of protecting him, knocks him to the ground. Knowing that the ruse is off, the “humans” begin to drop their illusory forms, revealing a raiding party of slaadi. The black slaad wishing to end this interruption of his fun, casts an evil spell on the party that surrounds them in a ring of negative energy. Suddenly, Anvil’s invisibility fades only to have him hidden once again by the other slaad’s darkness spell. Rushing blindly towards where the black slaad was last seen, Sir Godwyn finds that his guess was right as his blade meets the interior of a black slaad. Sol’myr, being used to the darkness in which he was born slings a fireball at the last two slaad who were trying to escape and incinerates them.
Darkness fades, but darkness now fills their hearts as they find the corpse of their friend Anvil lying on the ground. Not even the prospect of shiny loot can lift their spirts. And it seems their ant friends have vanished… What new trouble awaits them in their search for this evil forge? Will Anvil’s soul be reunited with the friends? Stay tuned for Part 4: Royal Envoy.



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